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Nestled in the majestic mountain scenery of the Skeena Valley in British Columbia, the city of Terrace is the perfect destination for those seeking to enjoy outdoor pursuits. Terrace sits on the banks of the mighty Skeena River with splendid views of the Shames Mountains and is the gateway to lush forests, rugged parks, expansive lakes and truly wild places. Angling enthusiasts come from afar for the excellent Pacific salmon and steelhead trout fishing in the months June to September. Experienced local guides with charter boats offer lessons to anglers of all levels, right from beginners, and are happy to share their skills and fishing knowledge. The natural splendour of the area makes hiking, camping, hunting, canoeing, biking and horse riding a highly memorable experience. There is an abundance of facilities where necessary equipment for your outdoor activities can be hired. Ensure you have your camera and binoculars at the ready for spotting the local wildlife: you may even be lucky enough to get a sighting of the elusive white Kermode bear, also known as the Spirit bear.

Terrace has a rich history: the indigenous Kitselas people, one of the Tsimshian First Nation's tribes, have lived in the area for thousands of years and many now live on the Kulspai reserve on the opposite side of the city's river. Although many of the original villages are no longer inhabited, visitors can glimpse at what life was like for these tribes at one of the historic sites where recreated longhouses are on display and traditional ceremonies are re-enacted. Aboriginal arts and crafts can be purchased at some of the First Nation sites and others offer nature trails to see authentic petroglyphs on the rocky slopes and highlight native tracking skills.

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During December to February there are great opportunities for participating in sports such as snowboarding, skiing, and ice skating on the frozen lakes. Terrace literally becomes a snowbound wonderland with dog sledding, snowmobiling and snowshoeing amenities. Try your hand at ice fishing or curling, or take a dip in a local hot spring for a revitalising soak. For the brave and adventurous there is even heli-skiing and cat-skiing. There are endless ways to enjoy the snow, exhilarating slopes and peaceful alpine trails. In the evenings Terrace offers a taste of local culture in its many pubs, coffee houses and restaurants where the city's relaxed and friendly atmosphere is abundantly evident. Outwith these most popular months it is possible to get bargain breaks in Terrace, mainly from March to May and also from September to November.

Getting around Terrace

Hiring a vehicle can give visitors greater access to the surrounding countryside and a chance to see more of the incredible scenery along the highways. The Vancouver Island-Mainland ferry that stops at Terrace is a wonderful way to see the spectacular British Columbia coast while spotting whales and eagles and taking in the unparalleled vistas. Guided tours are offered by local Terrace companies that include specialist glacier tours and historic, cultural and wildlife explorations that can be an experience of a lifetime.

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