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Israel overview

The slice of holy land tucked away in the Eastern Mediterranean has massive appeal to visitors: from the Mount of Olives and the Sea of Galilee to the port of Jaffa and the ancient metropolis of Jerusalem, it’s not hard to see that taking a cheap flight to Israel will undoubtedly submerge you in a deeply spiritual journey.

When is the best time to fly to Israel?

Peak season:

A great time to fly to Israel would be between late spring and fall since this provides visitors with warm weather, that isn’t oppressively hot. The peak tourist season in Israel, however, is summer, which runs from July through August, but be sure to pack a hat and loads of sunscreen since the summer months can be scorchers! In terms of weather, crowds, and rates, the best time to fly to Israel would probably be in May.

Off season:

Israel’s winter months, which run from late October to late February, are when the country experiences it’s off season, mainly because temperatures drop slightly and bring on rains. Visiting Israel during the winter months will provide you with the opportunity to sightsee amidst thinner crowds and also enjoy cheaper flight prices and hotel rates.

When is the best time to book a flight to Israel?

If you’re prepared to embrace a little rain, you should try to book your cheap flight tickets to Israel for the month of February. This is when all the Christmas and New Year festivities have quieted down, and most tourists begin making their way out of the country as winter’s rains arrive. Try to secure your flights at least three months in advance though, and be open to flexible travel dates, just to ensure you don’t end up overpaying for late bookings.

How long is the flight to Israel?

Johannesburg to Tel Aviv       9 hours
Johannesburg to Eilat              14 hours


Which airlines operate flights to Israel?

Among the major airlines operating cheap flights to and from Israel is Delta Air Lines, Ethiopian Airlines, British Airways, Air Sinai, and Kiwi International Airlines. You may find that some of these airlines provide passengers with more onboard comfort, but their prices might not be as affordable as an airline that only caters to economy class passengers. It is essential to consider your budget and comfort needs before booking a flight with either one of these popular airlines.

How do you get from the airport to the city center?

Tel Aviv

Getting from the Ben-Gurion International Airport in Tel Aviv to the city’s center can be done easily and hassle free. Tourists may make use of a number of transport services to get from and to the airport, including the train, shuttles, shared taxis, and metered taxis. There is also an airport shuttle bus which runs every hour, six days a week, which excludes the Israeli Shabbat. Alternatively, you can opt to make use of the train, which runs directly to the center of town. This is one of your fastest and cheapest options, although you’ll have to take a taxi to get to your hotel if it is not located in the city center.


If you’re arriving at Eilat International Airport, there are a number of ways in which you can get to the center of the city. A taxi transfer will get you to the city within 15 minutes, but alternatively, you may also make use of the airport bus, which departs to the city every 15 minutes or so.

Israel insider information

  • While Jerusalem is a major pilgrimage site, keep in mind that accommodation can quickly fill up for the year, so be sure to make your travel arrangements well in advance if you plan on seeing the holy city.
  • If you want to experience a more modern side of Israel, head over to Tel Aviv, the country’s second-largest city, renowned for its waterfront and stunning beach on the Mediterranean Sea.
  • Make sure you experience the Dead Sea while visiting Israel. It’s the saltiest body of water on earth, which is what allows you to float on top of the water.
  • The Masada National Park is one of Israel’s most renowned parks and may entice visitors with all its historic walking areas.
  • Tel Aviv’s Camel Market is a great place to hone your bargaining skills and purchase some amazing souvenirs at very reasonable prices.
  • If you’re traveling to Eilat, be sure to swing by the Red Sea Star, an enticing underwater restaurant in the region’s coral reef.
  • For a more chilled-out experience than that on offer in Tel Aviv, head next door to the harbor town of Jaffa with its great flea market, an abundance of cafés, and plenty of old world charm!

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How much do things cost in Israel?

Tel Aviv
Cheap meal
R 183.09
Imported beer (0.33 litre)
R 99.87
R 38.39
Large bottle of water
R 13.95
Taxi - fixed fee
R 39.95
Large bottle of water
R 17.82
Small bottle of water (0.33 litre)
R 23.49
R 40.39

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