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When is the best time to fly to Rennes?

Temperature-wise, Rennes is warmest in July when average highs peak around 25C, but good weather can be found between June and September, with nighttime cools rarely dipping beneath 12C. Flights to Rennes and accommodation will be at their most expensive during these months, so it is best to book in advance to secure the best deal.

If its special events that you're after, the city has quite the calendar to choose from. The first noteworthy event is in February when the Travelling movie festival showcases the culture and film from a particular country. Next up is the Mythos festival of global arts, crafts and song in April, before the wide-ranging Les Tombées de la Nuit art festival takes over in July. Finally, December coordinates the city's vibrant Christmas celebrations with an energetic music festival.

In the coldest months, from December to mid-February, temperatures stay mild and hover around 3 to 10 degrees Celsius. There is an increase in rainfall over the winter period, particularly during December. Although visitors are more likely to find cheap flights to Rennes during this time, some hotels may be closed.

Why not visit during the beginning of December for Recontres Trans Musicales de Rennes? This modern music festival has played host to a number of well-known artists who have made it big since stepping foot onto the Trans stage.

City overview

A beautiful historic city in western Brittany, Rennes is a hidden gem that has fortunately managed to remain relatively undiscovered by the majority of France’s tourists. The city is characterised by ornate 19th century architecture, with many of the central areas centred upon charming cobblestoned squares. Restaurants and cafes are many, and some of the finest, of which there are quite a number, are clustered around these squares. Be sure to visit the Parlement de Bretagne and Palais Saint-Georges and the city hall for classic examples of local architecture.

The city is also a big university town, with a population of over 60,000 students. As a result, Rennes has a very vibrant night life, with the acclaimed Rue Saint Michel boasting only bars up and down both sides of the street. Friday and Saturday nights are particularly busy, while Thursday evening partying is a distinctly student event.

Alternatively, visit the Thabor. This park has a stunning collection of plant life, including a large flower bed populated by hundreds of species of roses as well as a range of tropical, African and European trees. Besides beautiful and rare plants, the park is also home to a population of budgies. There is also a wide range of museums and art galleries, with each more than worth taking the time to explore. For a distinctly ‘French’ experience, attend the large Saturday morning food market from 6am to 1.30pm. Stalls are varied, and include everything from fruit and vegetables to a vast array of fish, crêpes, galettes and fresh meat. Other delicacies such as wine, snails and cheeses are also available.

Further afield, make the trek to Mont Saint-Michel, a granite island located northeast of Rennes in the region of Basse-Normandie. The third most-visited monument in France, the highlight and main attraction of Mont Saint-Michel is venerable abbey of Mt St Michel.

Getting around Rennes

Rennes city centre is easily accessible on foot, but is also well-served by public transport. Navigating by car is also possible, but be sure to learn your road signs!

Getting from the Airport to the City

Rennes is served by Rennes–Saint-Jacques Airport (RNS). Buses operate frequent services to Rennes Republique every day. The nearest bus stop is located at the junction between Joseph Le Brix avenue and Jules Vallès avenue, close to the terminal building. Private hire taxis and car rental is also available.

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More information about Rennes

  • Place de la République is the beautiful central square that Rennes was built around, perfect for photos!
  • This thriving university city is well known for its breathtaking architecture and vibrant, dazzling nightlife.
  • Need a little quiet time? Try the pretty and peaceful Parc Thabor for a slice of rural France in the city.
  • For an upmarket French shopping experience, visit the Galleries Lafayette, the trendiest shopping centre in Rennes.
  • If you’ve got the time, it’s definitely worth the long trip west to Brest for the sublime surf schools and beaches.
  • Rennes Airports receives plenty of air traffic from many of the top European airports, so getting there is easy.
  • Serene and picturesque, Rennes is the romantic vision of France that other major French cities may somewhat lack.
  • In July the Festival des Tombées de la Nuit comes to town, with its vivid arts performances and street entertainment.
  • A wonderful trip to western France awaits you; try the links above to make great savings on flights to Rennes.
  • Le marché des Lices is an unmissable market that runs every Saturday.

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