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The climate in Cuba is wonderfully warm and sunny all year round. The most popular (and hence the most expensive) times to visit are from November to April, which is the dry season, when skies are usually clear throughout the day and night. A cheaper time to travel would be between March and October, during the 'rainy season': don't worry, though the rainy season is a mild one and by no means does it rain all day. Festivals and parties are a way of life, and a regular occurrence in Cuba. Trinidad is especially known for the colourful and traditional way that it celebrates Catholic holidays, so why not visit during the Easter period to see how it's done?

Trinidad overview

The city of Trinidad, Cuba, dates back to the 19th century, and is a UNESCO world heritage site. Historic cobbled streets, delicious restaurants, a wealth of cultural attractions, vibrant bars playing reggae music into the early hours, and the majestic Escambray mountains all combine to make Trinidad a wonderful destination. Head down to the white sands of Ancón beach, and when you are done swimming and sunbathing make sure to try out some local fish in the traditional fishing villages nearby. The Museum of Archaeology and the Museo Nacional de la Lucha Contra Bandidos (which is filled with fascinating exhibits recording the country's struggle against counterrevolutionaries) are amazing places to while away a morning before sitting down for a delectable Cuban lunch. The Museo Nacional de la Lucha Contra Bandidos also has a lovely old tower, which you can climb to enjoy panoramic views over the city. Keen hikers will adore exploring the various trails through the Escambray mountains, and will be rewarded by sights of colourful indigenous species of birds, lush greenery, and some of the very best views in the country.

Getting around Trinidad

Trinidad is a small city, so you can get to all of the key attractions on foot. For travelling to the beaches, many travellers prefer to hire a bike and cycle. There are also local taxi services that you can take advantage of, too. If in doubt, just negotiate the price with your driver before you depart. Trinidad is a great base from which to go exploring the Cuban coast line, so another good idea is to hire a car. That way, you can get to all of the places you want to see in the town centre, and see other cities too (this will also make the journey from the airport easier).

Getting from the Airport to the City

The closest airport to Trinidad is Jaime González Airport (CFG). The journey to the town centre is 50 miles (80 km), so the best options are to hire a car for the duration of your stay which you can pick up at the airport, or to take the coach into Trinidad.

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  • Waterloo Temple, aka Temple in the Sea, is a Hindu place of worship evoking Trinidad’s multicultural melting pot.
  • Fort George, an important historic site in the conflict between British and Spanish forces, offers excellent views.
  • Teeming with wildlife, the Asa Wright Nature Centre is one of the Caribbean’s most celebrated birdwatching locations.
  • A sunny island in the Republic of Trinidad and Trinidad, Trinidad is the perfect Caibbean beach break.
  • Located in capital Port of Spain, the beautiful Royal Botanical Gardens contain around 700 trees from across the globe.
  • Found on nearby island Gaspar Grande, the expansive Gasparee Caves include breathtaking sights such as the Blue Grotto.
  • Beaches such as Las Cuevas Bay, Maracas Bay, Tyrico Bay and Blanchisseuse offer visitors sun, sea and golden sand.
  • Don’t miss the annual Trinidad Carnival, a spectacular event famed worldwide, held at the start of the year.

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