12 ways to kill time until your next holiday

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Flights? Tick. Accommodation? In the bag. There’s only one small problem: there are a whole 4 months to wait until you can finally switch on your “Out of Office”, slip on those flip flops, and settle into that plane seat.

Does this sound like you at the moment? Don’t sweat it! At Cheapflights.co.za, we’re here to get you through these dark, torturous hours. Follow these tricks and before you know it, you’ll be sprawled out on that beach with a cocktail in one hand and a good book in the other.

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1. Book a killer airport hotel

Get your trips off to a good start (and kick off those holiday vibes a little earlier) by securing a room in a killer airport hotel. Spend some time sourcing one that gets you almost as excited as the thought of the holiday itself – from rooms overlooking the airport’s runway to hotels offering a touch of 5* luxury.

2. Source those sensational holiday outfits

Poolside chic, sightseeing swagger and evening glamour — these outfits don’t just source themselves. Check what the weather’s likely to be like, and then focus your spare time on perfecting that holiday style. If there’s one thing that makes a holiday even better, it’s having a completely fresh new wardrobe in your suitcase.

3. Book your holiday transfers

As much fun as it can be to navigate a new country’s train network when you’re jetlagged, sometimes it’s just much easier to have your airport-hotel transfers all booked and ready to go. This also means that you can instantly enter holiday mode as soon as you step foot on that plane, and not have to worry about getting lost on the other end.

4. Binge watch several Netflix shows

Anyone who’s ever had a day off knows that the easiest way to make time go quickly is to sit in front of the telly for a full-on Netflix marathon. Using that same psychology, surely that would also make your holiday come round a lot quicker?

5. Treat yourself to a day of doing whatever you want

One way to break up the painful wait is to give yourself smaller things to look forward in the meantime. It could be a spa day, an overnight break, or just a night-in making avocado cheesecake (yes, that is a thing). Give yourself other things to look forward to, and the long wait to holiday day won’t seem quite so daunting.

6. Plan your flight movies

A clear course of movie action will help you succeed in making the most of your time at 35,000ft. Choosing which movies to watch on the plane – whether on the in-flight entertainment or on your iPad – is almost as exciting as actually arriving at your destination.

7. Discover your party trick

If ever there’s a time to brush up on your party trick, it’s now. It doesn’t matter whether you’re in a canal-side Venetian restaurant or a bar in Las Vegas – it’s a well-known fact that 97%* (*probably) of holidaymakers get questioned on their hidden party trick. So, whether it’s performing the splits between two chairs, or playing Wonderwall on guitar backwards, discover it, hone it, and get ready to whip it out at short notice while you’re on your holiday.

8. Clock up some overtime at work

Taking on some overtime (or a side job) has two strong benefits. Firstly, keeping busy will help the time go much quicker. And secondly, think of all the extra spending money you’ll have on your trip! Cocktails, daytime activities, 3 pm gluttonous food binge, here you come…

9. Book your holiday activities

You don’t want to have any regrets when you get home after your break. Whether it’s a popular sightseeing tour or a one-of-a-kind experience you can’t do anywhere else in the world, researching and booking your holiday activities in advance ensures you won’t miss out on anything. After all, there’s nothing worse than turning up in person to book a dream tour and finding out tickets are completely sold out.

10. Plan the ultimate road trip

There’s no better way of getting acquainted with a destination than putting your foot to the pedal. As well as giving you greater freedom to explore the local area, having a car to hand also allows you to wander off and find lesser-known spots that will turn your friends and family green with envy. Grab a map of your destination and take time to research just what hidden gems could await you.

11. Check you’ve got your passport 14,000 times

Let’s face it – you’re going to end up doing this on the morning of your flight anyway, so you might as well start early and get it over and done with.

12. Book another holiday for the interim

Of course, if you’re really finding the wait that killer, there’s always the ultimate idea – book another holiday for the interim. With Cheapflights.co.za you can find bargain deals to both short and long-haul destinations, as well as plenty of inspiration on how to make the most of your holiday. Go, explore the website now.

And if none of these ideas float your boat, just take heart from the fact that, after reading this article, you’re at least a couple of minutes closer to take-off. See, time flies when you’re having fun.

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