24 photos that will make you want to escape South Africa this winter

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It’s winter. You’re shivering in front of your electric heater. You look out the window and things don’t look any better. It’s cold, grey and miserable. Okay, this might be a slight exaggeration but still, it’s good to know there’s another half of the world basking in some serious sunshine at the moment (and with thousands of bargain flights to be found on Cheapflights.co.za), it’s never been easier to leave the gloom behind and trade your thermals for sunnies.

Still not convinced? Let’s see if we can persuade you to flee for better climates with these 24 photos of places where summer reigns supreme right now…

1. The sunrises in Greece are pretty spectacular, right?

2. So are the bamboo forests in Japan. Just imagine those Instagram pics you could have.

3. Or you could let Canadian landscapes take your breath away. Quite literally.

4. You could let Morocco brighten up your winter blues (and Facebook feed) with places like this.

5. While over in the Bahamas you could have these cuties as your swimming buddies.

6. What about having this beauty of a New York skyline as your backdrop for your next FaceTime call?

7. If beaches of epic proportions are more your thing, Portugal is the place to be.

8. Not a beach person? How Kerala’s 900km of waterways?

9. Or perhaps you’re just a big sci-fi fan. Dubai is as futuristic as it is sunny.

10. Maybe you want to go chasing waterfalls in Croatia. Yes, Croatia.

11. If history is more your thing, Rome is ready and waiting.

12. In Turkey, you can take a dip in one of the world’s best infinity pools.

13. Summer is by far the best time to visit London (even when it’s raining). Just imagine all those picnics you could have in parks like this.

14. Amsterdam looks particularly pretty on sunny days like this, don’t you think?

15. Hawaii’s beaches just always look good.

16. You could plan an epic road trip in Norway and be treated to views like this.

17. In LA, you can rollerskate the length of Venice Beach and feel like you’re in a Hollywood movie.

18. You could embark on a great American road trip and witness iconic sites like this.

19. Imagine exploring Czech Republic’s picture-perfect medieval towns and villages.

20. In Mexico, you can waste your days away on white sand beaches and explore the Mayan ruins at the same time.

21. Austria would cause some major envy among your Snapchat friends.

22. Paris looks all kinds of spectacular on warm summer evenings.

23. So does Tuscany.

24. And if this Mauritius sunset doesn’t get you searching for flights, what will?

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