12 things to do in Livingstone

It’s easy to understand why Livingstone is one of the most visited places in Zambia. It’s home to the thundering Victoria Falls, one of the Seven Natural Wonders of the World. And not only that, but the town offers heaps of things to do and is steeped in the history of David Livingstone – the great explorer whom this very town was named after.

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1. Marvel at the great Victoria Falls

Visiting the Victoria Falls National Park is an absolute must if you’re in Livingstone. In the 1800s, the Kololo tribe named this great waterfall ‘Mosi-oa-Tunya’ or ‘Smoke that Thunders’ and when you see it, you’ll understand why. The waterfall stretches for almost two kilometres and you can follow the paths from the visitor centre to see it from various vantage points. Feel the spray around you as you brave the Knife Edge footbridge.

2. Visit the Livingstone Museum

If you fancy yourself as a history buff, spend a few hours exploring the Livingstone Museum. Its exhibitions cover everything from archaeology to natural history and its display of a life-sized village offers an intriguing look at traditional African life.

3. Bungee jump off Victoria Falls Bridge

photo credit: @jasmine__evans

Fancy hauling yourself 111 metres through the air? If your answer is, ‘hell yeah’, then why not join the adrenaline junkies who leap head first off Victoria Falls Bridge? If your answer is, ‘you have got to be [insert expletive] joking’, you can walk the bridge and watch the other crazy people, er I mean gallant folk, try this extreme sport.

4. Go white water rafting

photo credit: @andyryngaert

If you don’t fancy bungee jumping, why not try river rafting? You may have gathered by now, Zambia is the adventure capital of Africa. And there’s no better way to get the heart pumping than by paddling through rapids dubbed The Washing Machine, Devils Toilet Bowl and Oblivion. Prepare to get soaked.

5. Visit Livingstone Island

If you want to walk in the footsteps of the Scottish missionary David Livingstone, visit Livingstone Island, the place where he first set eyes on Victoria Falls. Book a tour with Tongabezi and they’ll take you on a boat to this World Heritage Site where you can enjoy a guided tour, take some epic photos and hear about its history.

6. Take a dip in Devil’s Pool

photo credit: @lkapppp

If you visit Victoria Falls during the dry season, the falls won’t be as big, but the bonus is you can experience Devil’s Pool. Dubbed ‘nature’s own infinity pool,’ it sits right on the edge of the waterfall (so you faint-hearted lot can sit this one out). Prepare to feel exhilarated as the water gushes over you whilst you peer over the hair-raising drop. Afterwards, let Tongabezi prepare your brunch, lunch or high tea on Livingstone Island to help settle your nerves.

7. Explore Livingstone’s restaurants

photo credit: Heribert Bechen via Flickr

Livingstone has a great collection of restaurants on its main high street. Café Zambezi is one of the liveliest, with a great outdoor space and menu of braai (barbeque), game, crocodile and fish dishes which you can wash down with cocktails and the local Mosi lager. For something less traditional, try Olga’s Italian for top notch pizzas and Fez Bar for great tacos and burgers.

8. Get your shop on in the local markets

photo credit: mike.math via Flickr

Mukuni Crafts is the main market in Livingstone for tourists. You’ll find it along the edge of Mukuni Park and it offers a whole range of African carvings, crafts, jewellery, art and curios. Maramba market is Livingstone’s largest and is a great place to find African fabrics and get a taste of local life. Look out for the market at the entrance to Victoria Falls National Park too.

9. Soak up some luxury

photo credit: Heribert Bechen via Flickr

If you like luxury, you’ll love Livingstone. The Royal Livingstone Hotel sits on the banks of the Zambezi River and has awesome views towards the falls. If you can’t stretch to the five-star price tag, book in for afternoon tea and make sure you meet the resident zebras who roam the grounds. Nearby, gorgeous safari lodges such as Tongabezi Lodge are the place to stay if you’re feeling romantic.

10. Take the ‘Flight of the Angels’

If heights don’t bother you, take a microlight flight and get a birds-eye view of Victoria Falls. If you fly through the spray of the waterfall, you can claim you’ve been ‘kissed by an angel’. That’s some serious bragging rights right there.

11. See the Lunar Rainbow

During the full moon, the Victoria Falls National Park opens to visitors at night so you can see the lunar rainbow, created when the moon casts its light through the mist of the waterfall. Master your night-time camera mode and get some epic snaps.

12. Hop on a steam train

Like a bit of nostalgia? Grab the chance to hop on the Royal Livingstone Express. This restored steam train takes you on a sunset journey over the Victoria Falls Bridge. You can dine on a fancy meal on board and end your trip to Zambia in style.

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