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Acapulco overview

Most holidaymakers book flights to Acapulco for the resort’s main attraction: its beaches. The white-sand beaches are some of the best in Mexico. Most of the beach resorts are made for relaxing, but Acapulco vacationers can enjoy a range of activities including snorkelling, diving, fishing, sailing, parasailing, jet-skiing and more. While the opportunity for relaxation is plentiful, Acapulco also offers a lively nightlife. Grab a cheap flight to Acapulco and immerse yourself in the beautiful landscape by day and the glittering parties at night. During your Acapulco vacation make sure you participate in one of the resorts rituals: cliff diving. If you don’t dare jump from one of the marked cliffs in the area, stop to see the Quebrada cliff divers, who dive gracefully from 45m up into the unknown ocean waters below. It’s one of the most spectacular sights you’ll see at sunset.

When to fly to Acapulco

Acapulco is blessed with plenty of sunshine and warm weather. However, certain parts of the year things can get muggy, sticky, humid and very wet.

The high season in Acapulco runs from December to April thanks to the great weather and buzzing nightlife with late-February to late-March the most popular times to visit.

Low season in Acapulco runs from June to September when the heat and high humidity can be uncomfortable for those not acclimatised to the conditions and heavy rain is common.

Getting around Acapulco

It’s possible to rent a car at the Acapulco airport, but it isn’t advised. You’ll waste too much time dealing with heavy traffic and scarce parking spots. It’s cheaper and easier to take the bus – just board the government-run yellow buses that have “Acapulco!” painted on their sides. They travel along the tourist section of town and, best of all, are air conditioned and comfortable. The private buses are less comfortable, but kids might have fun riding in these decorated buses, especially those adorned with cartoon characters like Hello Kitty. You can also hail taxis from the street. If you call for a cab from your hotel you’ll be charged a premium.

Acapulco insider information

Don't leave Acapulco without a souvenir of your trip. Handmade leather goods, locally made textiles, silver jewellery, handcrafted ceramics, and paintings by local artists are just some of the things to consider. You can bargain shop in Acapulco. Haggling a price is common for arts and crafts.

Dining in Acapulco is a unique experience. Fusion-style restaurants offer some of the best cuisine. Mexican seafood is a favourite among visitors.

The Acapulco nightlife is hot and offers something for everyone. Hit a nightclub on the main strip and dance until the sun comes up. Most clubs charge a steep door fee, but offer complimentary drinks or specials.

While water activities are popular here, land-lubbers will enjoy horseback riding, mountain biking, golfing and tennis.

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