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When is the best time to visit Pueblo?

The peak season for visiting Colorado is during the summer months of July and August, so flights at this time are likely to be more expensive than at other times of year. Keep a sharp eye out, though, and you are sure to be able to find some discounts and cut price last minute deals even during this peak time. To beat the school holiday crowds and enjoy a cheaper visit, why not fly to Pueblo during October or May? The weather in Pueblo is wonderfully temperate all year round, and many people prefer the cooler transitional seasons to the sizzling summer months. Visit during one of the city's many annual music festivals, or during a traditional feast like Thanksgiving to enjoy the festive atmosphere.

Why visit Pueblo?

If you love museums, then you will love Pueblo, as fascinating, quirky, and informative exhibitions are plentiful here, with museums catering for visitors of all interests and age groups. The Pueblo Weisbrod Aircraft Museum is a great place for fans of engineering and technology, and the Rosemount Museum is also a beautiful place to visit as it is set in an old strawberry-coloured mansion. A visit to the Rosemount Museum is a must if you visit Pueblo during the Christmas period, as at this time of year it puts on special events and exhibits, especially for kids. The San Isabel National Forest is an absolutely stunning place to visit: you can really lose yourself in this magical woodland. Another beautiful place for a stroll in Pueblo is the Historic Arkansas Riverwalk of Pueblo, great for working off a meal in one of the city's many delicious restaurants.

Getting around Pueblo

There is a good network of public buses in Pueblo. One handy tip for using these buses is to buy yourself a bus pass, as even if you are only visiting Pueblo for a short time, using a bus pass will help you to save money compared to paying for each journey in cash. Take advantage of the special tour buses to enjoy guided tours to, from, and around the main sights in Pueblo. Hiring a car or taking a taxi are other popular options for getting around the city. Pueblo has good road links to neighbouring cities, so you can explore further afield if you want.

Getting from the Airport to Pueblo

Pueblo Memorial Airport (PUB) is located just 6 miles (10 km) to the east of Pueblo town centre. Take a taxi, hire a car, or hop on an airport shuttle to get to your hotel after your flight touches down in Pueblo. Sharing a taxi with other passengers going the same way as you can help you to reduce your fare down to the same as a bus ride, but provide a more comfortable journey.

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