Birth of a baby aside, there’s no greater life event than a wedding. It’s the marriage of families, cultures and traditions and each one is unique. There’s a multitude of traditions that have grown up over the centuries. Each part of the world has its own tradition – gifts to bring good luck, gifts to ward off bad luck, gifts to prepare the happy couple for whatever their lives will throw at them.

In India, the groom’s shoes are stolen (for a short time). In Denmark, it’s tradition for one of the groom’s socks to be cut in half (the sock from the foot he proposed with, a sign of his fidelity to his new wife).

Here in South Africa, 12 items are incorporated into the wedding ceremony – salt, pepper, wheat, wine, bitter herbs, a holy book, a broom, a spear, a spoon, some honey, a shield and a pot – to symbolise the challenges that the couple will face during their lives together.

One of Malaysia’s wedding traditions – popular among members of the Tidong tribe – keeps the couple under house arrest for three days. To avoid bad luck during their marriage, friends and relatives prevent the newlyweds from going to the bathroom. For three days!

In Germany, the tradition is of a much more manual kind. The newlyweds must saw through a large wooden log together, showing their strength and teamwork.

Peru has, by far, the most delicious tradition on our list. It’s a cake pull. Before the newlyweds cut their wedding cake, the single female guests each take hold of a white ribbon that’s baked into it. One of the ribbons will have a ring attached and the woman who finds that one will be the next one married. It’s a bit like that catch-the-bouquet game!

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