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Kulula is a rapidly expanding South African airline. They primarily focus on flights but also can help passengers save time and money by providing car rental and accommodation options. As of 2015 they had helped over three million passengers travel across South Africa.

It was founded in June 2001, offering flights between Johannesburg and Cape Town. Since then Kulula has added several more domestic flight routes.

Kulula has a fleet size of eleven, eight of which are new eco-friendly Boeing 747s.

The airline’s headquarters are based in Bonaero Park, Kempton Park, Ekurhuleni, and Gauteng with their main focus city being Cape Town.

Most Popular Routes
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Hand luggage size
Baggage Allowance
Sports equipment
Online Check in
Child Fares
Group Bookings
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Flight cancellation policy

Which are the Most Popular Routes Kulula fly?

Flights from Johannesburg to Durban

Flights from Johannesburg to Cape Town

Flights from Johannesburg to George

Flights from Durban to Cape Town

Flights from Cape Town to Johannesburg

How do I contact Kulula Customer Service?

If for any reason you need to contact them directly, they can be reached by calling 0861 585852 everyday except Saturdays and public holidays.

If you’re outside of South Africa you can call them on +27 11 921 0500 to chat with the team.

What are Kulula’s Hand Luggage Allowance Limits and Fees?

Kulula allow all passengers to take 1 x hand luggage as well as 1 x handbag or laptop.
Hand luggage size/dimensions:
• 56cm x 36cm x 23cm

• Passengers are restricted to a maximum of 7kg for their hand luggage.

Each passenger is entitled to only one free piece of hand luggage, if you require more
You will need to purchase checked in baggage at an additional fee.

Kulula Checked in baggage size and weight

• Checked in luggage maximum dimensions: 90cm x 75cm x 43cm.

• Passengers have a weight limitation of 20kg in their checked in luggage.

Excess costs and fees for checked in luggage:

If you need to purchase an additional bag then you will be charged an additional fee for every extra bag needed at the following price:

• R245 if purchased online or via the call centre.

• R350 if you purchase at the airport.

If you choose to purchase additional bags online or via the call centre, this must be done at least 24 hours before your flight.

Helpful tip: If you are travelling with a child aged 2 and upwards, they are entitled to a 20kg checked in luggage for free as well as hand luggage, a great way to take more weight onboard without purchasing extra bags.

Kulula Online Check in

You can check in online from home 24 hours before you flight is expected to depart.

• You’ll have to print your own boarding pass out

• If you have baggage that needs checking in make sure this is done at least 30 minutes before takeoff.

• You can also check in from your smartphone or tablet at www.kulula.mobi

Once you’ve checked in, it’s recommended to make your way straight to the departure gates. The gates will close 20 minutes before your flight, so if you’re late you won’t be able to board.

There isn’t currently any options to add priority boarding to your flights, however if you need special assistance you can call Kulula and discuss the options available to you.

Helpful tip: If you have checked in online or with your mobile, make sure you are at the airport at least 90 minutes before your flight departure time so you can make it through security.

Kulula Sports Equipment policy

You can take sports equipment on board for a fee of R245 online or via the call centre at least 24 hours before your flight. Alternatively you can purchase this at the airport for R350.
• Passengers are restricted to 20kg of sports equipment.

Helpful tip: If your sports equipment can fit into your checked in luggage, then providing your weight doesn’t exceed 20kg you’ll be able to fly without purchasing additional checked in luggage.

Delayed, missing or damaged luggage

If your checked in luggage ends up lost or damaged you must:

• make a claim within 7 days of receiving your baggage back.
• If you want to make a claim due to delays you must do this within 21 days.

Kulula are not liable for your checked in luggage if it gets scratched, scuffed or dirty during transportation, unless it is due to their direct negligence.

Helpful tip: If you tell the staff at check in that your bag is fragile, it should receive a notice of its fragile contents and make the handling of your luggage more caring and considerate.


If you want to travel with your pet, you can no longer check them in at the counters. Only domestic dogs or cats are accepted and you’ll need to call 0800 22 1139 or email animals@bidaircargo.com to easily arrange the transportation of your pet.

Child Fares

If you want to travel with an infant aged between 7 days and 2 years old, this is possible for R130 per trip, and they will be required to sit on the lap of the accompanying adult.

• Children are classed between the ages of 2 years old and 12.

• They are required to buy their own ticket and will be charged an adult fare. They will also need their own seat on the plane.

• Any child under the age of 12 must be accompanied by one adult during the entire flight with Kulula.

• If they are older than 12 they can travel unaccompanied but Kulula do not provide any kind of service to accompany minors.

Senior Fares

Kulula does not currently offer any kind of discounts for senior citizens flying with them. However they do provide assistance if you require it when boarding and during the flight.
Kulula offers wheelchair assistance and medical assistance to those who need it.

• To arrange any special requirements you need to contact the call centre on 0861585852.
• Please be aware that wheelchairs can only be provided from the check in desks to the plane, not from the airport carpark.

Group Bookings with Kulula

• If you have a group of 10 people or more, you can get some great discounts on group bookings with Kulula.

• You can even be eligible for a free ticket depending on the size of the party.

Helpful tip: A great way to save money is to book with a group of friends or work colleagues, you will all get a saving and a vacation.

Booking fees

• You can pay for your flights easily and securely via credit card without having to pay any additional fees.

Kulula Ticket name change

Kulula do not permit any name change once the flight has been booked and paid for.
• You can however make minor corrections if you have mis-spelt your name.

Kulula Flight change

You can change your flight, as long as it’s at least 24 hours before you are supposed to be boarding. The fees incurred all depend with what ticket you purchased.
You’ll have to pay the difference between the old fare and the fare you are changing to, as well as the fee listed below that relates to the ticket you have.

• Kulula bookings – This will cost you between R171 and R342 per person per flight.
• Kulula Flexi Fares – No fee is charged.

Helpful tip: If you think you might have to change your flight then book a flexi ticket when available. These handy tickets let you swap your dates without fees, except any difference in price between the two flights.

Kulula Flight cancellation policy

If you have to cancel your flight for any reason then you will be charged 100% of the price, so it’s best to not have to cancel.
• If your flight has been delayed by at least three hours, then Kulula will either try to accommodate you on a different flight free of charge, or give you a full refund if you do not wish to travel on a different flight or if no other alternatives are available.

• You can also be entitled for a refund if you have been made late for a business meeting etc due to circumstances out of your hand.

Kululua Frequent flyer program

Kulula don’t direcrly have a frequently flyer program themselves, but they work in conjunction with British Airways.
• If you become a member of the oneworld frequent flyer programmes, you can earn points from booking flights through the Kulula website.

• Points however can’t be redeemed on the Kulula website.

Inflight entertainment

• Kulula offer an onboard magazine which is edited each month by an extremely funny comedian. Other than that they do not currently provide any other forms of entertainment.

Helpful tip: Most flights should allow devices such as i-pads or Android tablets. If you put a film or two on them you should be entertained for all of the flight.


When booking your flight you can decide to choose your seats, so if you want extra legroom this is the best time to do it. You can also try and pick your own seats at least 24 hours before by calling the Kulula call centre.

There is a fee for each passenger who chooses their own seat. You can skip the seat allocation page and you will get a randomly assigned seat when you check in.
• Standard seat at the back of the plane: 50 ZAR

• Standard seat at the front of the plane: 70 ZAR

• Emergency exit seats (have additional leg room): 100 ZAR

• Front row seats (offer the most leg room and comfort): 120 ZAR

Helpful tip: You can try asking at the check in desk whether you can sit in an exit seat. A lot of passengers can be reluctant to sit there, despite the extra leg room. If nobody has reserved it you might be able to get it for free.

Kulula Travel Insurance

You can add insurance to your trip and your baggage and any valuables against loss, damage, delay or theft.
• It’s very easy to do and costs start from R30 per person per flight.

If you decide to add this cover then you will be protected against:
• Flight Cancellation

• Flight Delay

• Personal Accidents or mishaps

• Damage, loss or theft of your baggage

You will be emailed confirmation of your insurance as soon as your booking has been finalised, and this will be updated if you need to change your flights.

Food & Bev

Kulula offers an onboard menu which you can look at on their website. To summarise what is on offer, you can get teas, coffee, hot chocolate, alcoholic beverages, water and soft drinks. Food options vary but they do also provide vegetarian options to passengers who need it.

Helpful tip: Kulula only accept cash once onboard, so make sure you have some change to buy your food or drinks. Another option is to purchase some snacks from the airport as they can normally be cheaper than in-flight.

(Images courtesy of Kulula Airlines)

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