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1. What’s the email address I forward my booking receipts to?

Forward booking receipts from your email inbox to If you don't have a KAYAK account for your email address, we will automatically create one for you and send you a confirmation email. To confirm your account, click on the link in the email we send to you.

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2. Can I specify which trip to add a booking receipt to?

You can specify the name of a trip into which you want travel information to go. To do this, use an existing trip name as the subject line when you forward a receipt to

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3. Can I forward booking receipts to Trips from more than one email address?

Yes. On the Trips Settings page, there is a section titled "Booking receipts". Add any email address you'd like to forward booking receipts from. Please note that whoever owns that email address will have to confirm that they want booking receipts to be added to your Trips page instead of their own.

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4. What types of emails does Trips handle?

Just about everything. As long as you forward the email from your inbox (and not directly from the provider), Trips can handle plain text, HTML, attachments, and more.

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5. I emailed my booking receipt to but it’s not showing up. What should I do?

First try logging out and back in. If your trip is still not showing up, odds are that you forwarded the booking receipt from a different email address than you use to log in on KAYAK. This happens most frequently for smartphone users that use different email addresses to log in on the web and on the phone.

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6. Who can see my Trips?

If you post or email a link to one of your trips, anyone with that link will be able to see the trip. But don’t worry – any sensitive information such as booking and payment details, traveller names and email addresses will not show. Your trips aren't visible to search engines.

If you want someone to be able to see all booking details in your trip, you can explicitly add them as a collaborator. Click on the "Share" link near the top of the trip page, enter their email address and tick the "May edit this trip" box. For security reasons, only registered KAYAK users will have access to your booking details.

If you want to automatically share all new trips you create with someone, you can set that up on the Trips Settings page. Just add their email address to the "Automatically share new trips with..." section.

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