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When is the best time to fly to Mthatha?

Peak season 

Mthatha sees an influx of tourists during summer although it has a pleasant weather most of the year. Late March to early May is classed as the autumn season and is a great time to visit. The same applies for early spring which runs late September to early December. 

Off Season 

May to September is a good time to find cheap flights to Mthatha when it is coolest with temperatures falling up to 4-5 degrees in the evenings.

When is the best time to book flights to Mthatha?

You’ll find cheap flights to Mthatha if you can be flexible with your dates and your departure airport too. Try booking at least two months in advance although if you can book even earlier you’ll increase your chances of saving money. The winter months offer a respite from the heat although it is very dry. If you go to any national parks in search of wild game then you’ll have much more chance of seeing them during the summer.

How long is the flight to Mthatha?

Flights from Johannesburg to Mthatha: 1 hour 15 minutes 

Flights from Cape Town to Mthatha: 4 hours 40 minutes 

Flights from George to Mthatha: 6 hours 10 minutes 

Flights from Port Elizabeth to Mthatha: 4 hours 05 minutes

Which airlines operate flights to Mthatha?

Although there are a couple of airlines that offer cheap flights to Mthatha, South African Airways dominates the market. South African are relatively reasonable and provide a good level or service. You can also join their loyalty scheme which is very helpful if you intend on purchasing flight tickets with them frequently.

How to get from the airport to the city centre?

Getting to the centre from the airport isn’t necessarily difficult however there are limited options. The main way of transport is to get a taxi from the airport. You can find them outside of arrivals but make sure you agree on the fee before getting in as they can sometime overcharge. You can also pre-arrange for either a car or shuttle to collect you from the airport. You can arrange this after you have booked your flights to Mthatha. You can also see if you can find any accommodation that provide transfers in with the price as this will save you having to find your own way. Lastly you can rent a car from the airport. This can be useful if you plan on travelling around the area as transport can be difficult to find other than with a taxi.

Mthatha insider information

  • Mthatha is home to one of three museums dedicated to Nelson Mandela and should definitely be visited whilst you are here.
  • Once you’ve secured your flight tickets you can look into things to do once you arrive. Plan a day to visit Qunu which is a few kilometres south of Mthatha and is the home village of Mandela.

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