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Italy overview

One of the birthplaces of Western civilisation (the other is Greece), Italy is a regular on bucket lists. It's a beautiful country of culture, art, architecture, religion, fashion and food. Its cities are splendid, its landscapes sublime and its food and wine are to die for! In such a civilised country, living well is considered to be one of the finest virtues.

Rome, Florence and Venice are the biggest attractions for visitors and if you don't have much time one of these will offer a tantalising taste of the country, one that will have you booking cheap flights to Italy again as soon as you can.

Rome is the capital; its streets are dotted with the ruins of the once-mighty Roman Empire (the Colosseum and Roman Forum for example) and millions of Roman Catholics around the world look towards Rome (and many make pilgrimages) to see the Vatican, its wondrous collection of art and, last but not least, to hear the Pope say Mass.

Florence was the birthplace of the Renaissance. A beautiful city, it's an UNESCO World Heritage Site spoiled for choice of museums, art galleries and monuments to wealthy and powerful patrons. Venice is famed as one of the most romantic cities in the world. It's a lagoon city. Nearly 120 islands are linked by more than 400 bridges and gondolas, motorised waterbuses (vaporetti) and foot-passenger ferries (traghetti), glide through the water. It too is a World Heritage Site.

Outside the cities, there are mountains (the Alps, the Dolomites and the Appenines) to scale, hike and ski on, lovely lake lands, beaches to bask on (along the Amalfi Coast and on the islands such as Capri, Sardinia and Sicily) and rolling countryside to live la dolce vita.

Italy climate

Italy's climate is temperate with some regional fluctuations. Northern Italy enjoys warm summers with some rainfall, and cold and foggy winters. In the Alps, snow can fall as early as mid-September and winters are long and cold.Central Italy's summers are hot and humid, and the winter temps plummet towards freezing.Southern Italy has hot and dry summers and mild winters.

When to fly to Italy

Peak Season: 

June to September is high season in the beach resorts and December through April is ski season. In the cities, peak season runs from April to October. June and July are particularly busy, despite high temperatures and high humidity. Flights to Italy and accommodation are in high demand around Christmas and New Year’s. Venice is thronged with tourists during Carnival (February). 

Off Season: 

Italy’s low season is, in general, between November and mid-December and January through March. Many Italians will take August off, closing their shops and businesses. 

Shoulder Season: 

April and May, and, after the high summer season, September through October are shoulder months when you won't find too many fellow tourists and the weather will most likely be pleasant.

Getting around Italy

If driving around Italy (perhaps on an iconic Vespa scooter) think like the Italians. They have a saying: "there is the law, and then there is your intelligence." Keep your wits about you when you're driving.

Walking is the best way to see Italy's finest cities, but be prepared for all those cobblestones - stilettos are a no- no.

Public transport is good in Rome and Milan. There are underground trains, buses, and trams. Florence and Bologna have good bus networks. In Venice you have to take a water bus or ferry, it is a must-do.

Taxis are readily available in most cities; water taxis in Venice. Bologna's one-way street system is convoluted and taking a taxi there can be pricey.

Trains are extensive throughout the country. The so-called industrial north is better connected with all types of transport (trains and low-cost airlines) than the rural south.

Ferry services between the mainland and the islands are regular. It's a wonderfully slow way to travel.

Italy insider information

  • The Aosta Valley - you'll need to take three cable cars to view the entire valley, but it's worth it. 
  • Florence is an important centre for fashion, but you'll need your platinum credit card. Via Tornabuoni is home to Gucci and Pucci, Prada and Louis Vuitton, and Ferragamo and Versace. But a mere 30-minute drive will get you to The Mall where you can stock up on discounted Gucci, Ferragamo and Yves Saint Laurent. 
  • Puglia, one of Italy's less-discovered regions, is renowned for its sandy beaches and azure-blue waters, simple, fresh local produce and centuries-old architecture and art. A morning spent biking along the olive tree-lined roads, followed by a hearty lunch of linguine studded with mussels straight off the boat, and an afternoon dip in Portoselvaggio cove and a view of the Duomo church in Lecce all lit up at night makes for a pretty perfect day. 
  • In Naples, in a recent trial, 70 former convicts (such as drug traffickers, con men and muggers) were hired by the city authorities to help tourists get around the city safely. The guides would warn bling-toting tourists to hide their jewellery or be more discreet with their cash. 
  • Never drink cappuccino after lunch. No self-respecting Italian would do that. Also, do as the Italians do and drink your morning coffee standing up in the coffee shops. You'll fit right in and pay about a third of what you would pay if you drink it at one of the tables outside. And take a siesta around lunchtime. When in Rome...

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R 72.40
Bottle of wine
R 86.88
Coke/Pepsi (0.33 litre)
R 26.63
Taxi - fixed fee
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Cheap meal
R 217.21
Large bottle of water
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1 bedroom apartment in city centre
R 10775.78
Bottle of wine
R 43.44
Petrol (1 litre)
R 21.98
R 19.24
Petrol (1 litre)
R 20.98
Imported beer (0.33 litre)
R 57.92
Pair of jeans
R 1185.59

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