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Cheap Flights to Vietnam

Vietnam overview

It seems to be crammed full of delicious food and it boasts some of the most captivating natural landscapes on earth, which is exactly why Vietnam has a lot to offer travelers. If you’re a world traveler keen on booking a cheap flight to Vietnam, you may just find that your soul will forever be changed and kept by the land of warm smiles, rice paddies, ancient architecture, and a spirit that simply refuses to be ignored. Vietnam is a country that has to be savored at leisure, and one trip may not be enough to experience all this stunning country has to show you!

When is the best time to fly to Vietnam?

Peak season:

Generally speaking, Vietnam doesn’t have an off season as far as tourism is concerned, and cheap flights can be found throughout the year. Keep in mind that most tourists tend to visit Vietnam during the summer months, which runs from November through April. This might mean that you’ll have to book flight tickets to Vietnam well in advance if you plan on traveling here during the peak tourism season.  

Off season:

May through October is a season where Vietnam is on the receiving end of rainy weather, which might see tourist crowds thinning out and flight prices reduced slightly, although to be fair, Vietnam is a budget-friendly destination overall, and you’ll probably never end up paying a fortune for flights or accommodation.

When is the best time to book a flight to Vietnam?

To avoid the risk of paying extra for late bookings, try to make your cheap flight arrangements to Vietnam as far along in advance as possible. You’ll have a better shot at securing the best rates if you book your flight tickets and accommodation three or four months ahead of your intended travel time. Another thing to keep in mind is the fact that and being flexible with your dates will probably give you even more luck in the cash-saving department.

How long is the flight to Vietnam?

Johannesburg to Hanoi                       15 hours, 15 minutes
Johannesburg to Ho Chi Minh City    16 hours, 10 minutes


Which airlines operate flights to Vietnam?

In general, cheap flights to Vietnam can be booked with South African Airways, Qatar Airways, Singapore Airlines, Air Mauritius, or Kenya Airways. Depending on your personal preference and your budget, any one of these airlines can provide you with amazing deals. As far as onboard offerings (such as food and drinks) and entertainment go, South African Airways and Qatar Airways tend to offer the best benefits.

How do you get from the airport to the city center?


There are two buses which depart to the city center on a regular schedule from the Hanoi airport, but you can also hop on a taxi if you don’t want to wait around for the next bus to arrive. Keep in mind that taxis are a lot more expensive than the bus, and a fixed fee should be agreed on before you accept the transfer services from a taxi operator.

Ho Chi Minh City

One of the easiest and most affordable ways to get from the Ho Chi Minh City airport to the city center is by taking a bus. Alternatively, visitors can also take a taxi to the city center, but they are considerably more expensive than the bus services, albeit they are one of your most comfortable options.

Vietnam insider information

  • The Old Town of Hoi An is a UNESCO-listed town, which is not only a stunning little town to see but also the perfect place to get yourself a tailor-made outfit put together.
  • If you’re trying to escape the hustle and bustle of Hanoi, Sa Pa is a great day trip destination, located 400 kilometers north of the city. Sa Pa’s locals are friendly and offer you a glimpse into authentic Vietnamese culture, but you can also pay a visit to the Bac Ha market on Sundays, which will submerge you into the culture of the Flowery H’mong ethnic minority people.
  • If you’re keen on doing some swimming and snorkeling, the Con Dao Islands come highly recommended. In fact, they are prone to become Vietnam’s biggest diving center!
  • Hanoi is the perfect place to admire the French colonial and Eastern history of Vietnam. You can spend an afternoon exploring the streets of Hanoi as you wander through the Old Quarter. Bear in mind traffic in Hanoi is generally pretty crowded though! However, there are great opportunities to head out to see the abundance of temples and galleries that can be found within the city.
  • In order to get a broad-spectrum view of the Vietnamese provinces, you can opt to take a tour of the Mekong Delta, a 60, 000km long web of interconnecting waterways, spanning across Vietnam’s three provinces. This is one of the best ways to experience Delta life, and you’ll be fascinated by the little craft villages, mangroves, orchards, floating markets, and the Khmer Pagodas along the route.
  • If you’re looking to experience a more relaxed vibe, then stop and chill out in Hue, a village often passed by along the Vietnam tourist trail. The area is beautiful and includes must-see sites with the likes of the Perfume River and the Imperial Citadel, not even mentioning the captivating experience to be had at the Tombs of the Emperors!

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How much do things cost in Vietnam?

Pair of jeans
R 422.33
Pair of Nike shoes
R 860.81
Taxi - fixed fee
R 5.11
Loaf of white bread
R 6.20
Ho Chi Minh City
1 bedroom apartment outside of centre
R 3676.67
Loaf of white bread
R 10.03
Bottle of local beer (0.5 litre)
R 7.87
Coke/Pepsi (0.33 litre)
R 5.72
Da Nang
Pair of Nike shoes
R 663.84
R 18.38
Pair of jeans
R 370.22
Imported beer (0.33 litre)
R 22.98

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